We ROCK Weddings!

How do we make this happen?


Because you work with a team of dedicated professionals who will go above and beyond to make your dreamed wedding a reality . 


We understand the importance of your celebration, it is about personalization of every detail possible.


As an integral part of your event's success, every element of the reception is meticulously planned in a timeline with the bride, groom,

and any other participants involved in planning your wedding. 

On your Wedding Day



  • Performs all introductions and other formalities

  • Coordinates with the other wedding professionals

  • Motivates your crowd with elegance and excitement

  • Ensure everything is running smoothly

  • Coordinate with THE DJ


  • Plays all the music you carefully selected for the protocol, dinner and when It's Party Time!!!! 

  • creates an interactive and unique high energy atmosphere on the dance floor to give you and your guests a mix of wedding and club like experience

Give us a call at 213-422-5523 or fill out the contact us form and..Let's get this party Started!


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